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“If you have unresolved psychological issues (for example, mistreatment by overly critical parents or an unresolved past trauma), formal mindfulness meditation may not be a good choice for you at this time in your life. When your mind becomes quiet and calm, repressed or charged thoughts and emotional issues can come up—issues you may have been keeping at arm’s length or that you didn’t even realize existed.

Mindfulness meditation is an excellent tool for seeing that you need not believe in or act upon the ever-changing array of thoughts and emotions that arise in the mind. But if these thoughts and emotions are the result of deeply-embedded psychological problems, they can stick in your mind and increase in intensity, leading to anxiety, anxiousness, and fearfulness. This is not a common occurrence when practicing mindfulness meditation, but I thought it was important to raise.”

—   Toni Bernhard (7 Myths About Mindfulness)

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“To end the bizarre tyranny of ego is why we take the spiritual path, but the resourcefulness of ego is almost infinite, and it can at every stage sabotage and pervert our desire to be free of it. The truth is simple, and the teachings are extremely clear; but I have seen again and again, with great sadness, that as soon as they begin to touch and move us, ego tries to complicate them, because it knows it is fundamentally threatened.
However hard ego may try to sabotage the spiritual path, if you really continue on it, and work deeply with the practice of meditation, you will begin slowly to realize just how gulled you have been by ego’s promises: false hopes and false fears. Slowly you begin to understand that both hope and fear are enemies of your peace of mind; hopes deceive you, and leave you empty and disappointed, and fears paralyze you in the narrow cell of your false identity. You begin to see also just how all-encompassing the sway of ego has been over your mind, and in the space of freedom opened up by meditation, when you are momentarily released from grasping, you glimpse the exhilarating spaciousness of your true nature.”

—   Sogyal Rinpoché (via bruxistbodhisattva)

3 Misconceptions About Meditation I've Reformed


I’m going to jump right in with two feet today.

I started seeing a therapist this year and completed an assessment determining that I have depression. This is something I wish more people would talk openly about, but that could be its own post for another day. Anyway, I am very lucky that the…

La meditación modifica positivamente el funcionamiento y la estructura cerebral


Entrevista a Javier García Campayo (parte I)

How Exercise Makes Our Brain Happier



There’s more to the mood-boosting properties of exercise than endorphins.

Exercise has been touted to be a cure for nearly everything in life, from depression, to memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s and more. Yet really digging into the connection of…


The Afghan Whigs performed “Matamoros” off of their very excellent Do to the Beast last night on Letterman and announced new tour dates.

Full tour itinerary here.

Honestly, Taureans had a ROUGH 2013. I honor all of you for making it through. Better is on the way.

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Brighter Morning Tip #5 Make your breakfast with intention. Use beautiful ingredients and let it be another thing in your morning that brings you joy! #breakfast #chai #buckinis #lovingearth #mornings #mindfulmorning #mindful #mindfulness #mindfulhabits #joy #intention


Brighter Morning Tip #5 Make your breakfast with intention. Use beautiful ingredients and let it be another thing in your morning that brings you joy! #breakfast #chai #buckinis #lovingearth #mornings #mindfulmorning #mindful #mindfulness #mindfulhabits #joy #intention


Don’t make the same mistakes again. #mindfulness


Don’t make the same mistakes again. #mindfulness

Audio Meditation and the Great Binaural Beats Controversy

Basic Facts.

Binaural beats are produced by recording a tone of a particular frequency in one track of a stereo file, and a tone of a slightly different frequency in the other track. The human brain picks up the difference between the two tones as a series of beats. For example, if one track is at 60HZ (60 cycles per second) and the other at 50HZ, the brain will interpret this as a 10HZ beat (60-50=10). Stereo headphones are needed to listen to binaural recordings. Monaural tones are produced by combining the two tracks into one mono recording. The resultant waveform varies in strength at a rate equal to the difference between the two frequencies. The beats are then contained within the recording, rather than being produced by the brain. Isochronic tones consist of a series of pulses, separated by periods of silence. A 10HZ tone would be produced by including 10 separate pulses in each second of recording.

What do the scientists say?

The answer is surprising. Firstly, numerous studies have shown that binaural beats do not appear to produce any significant entrainment effect. That is, no matter how long you listen to, say, a binaural recording containing theta beats, your brain will not respond with an increase of theta activity. On the other hand, extensive studies have confirmed that monaural and isochronic tones do induce entrainment. Isochronic tones are the most effective of the three modes. A recent study by Tina Huang and Christine Charyton – “A Comprehensive Review of the Psychological Effects of Brainwave Entrainment” – confirms beneficial effects from brain entrainment as a whole, but a closer examination of their paper reveals that there are no positive results when binaural beats are used on their own. It’s interesting that this paper is often quoted by proponents of binaural beats as evidence of their effectiveness, when the study actually finds otherwise. Another report by David Siever, of Mind Alive, confirms that only monaural or isochronic tones produce demonstrable evidence of entrainment. His article quotes a number of research projects which failed to find any entrainment effects from binaural beats.

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How to Simplify Your Life On One Sheet of Paper - The MindFitMove Blog


How to Simplify Your Life On One Sheet of Paper - The MindFitMove Blog